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Arbeitskreis Befahranlagen

Members of the Access Systems Working Group can be companies which are involved in the manufacture, assembly and servicing/repair of access systems. The company must be a significant market partner.

The purpose of the Access Systems Working Group is in particular:

  • To take the necessary measures for the improvement of the efficiency of the member companies in a professional, technical and business respect and to actively support them
  • To recognise and represent the special concerns of the member companies towards ministries, authorities and other organisations which are decisive for the branch, in particular involvement in the design of building approval directives, stipulations and standards
  • To ensure through continuous notification in suitable media, that all member companies are professionally instructed. This also applies to current economic and socio-political matters
  • To prepare and conduct meetings and lecture events which serve economic and technical development, and if required, to facilitate an economic, professional and technical experience exchange of the between companies
  • To cultivate our image through suitable public relations work